Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MST3K - S02E02 - The Sidehackers

This week's episode is The Sidehackers (1969) aka "Five the Hard Way"
Discussed at length on Satellite News here

For whatever reason (it's an awful movie, perhaps?) I am not able to find many images or screen captures from this film online. So for now this will be a short entry. Maybe one day I'll cave and but the low-priced 12 film set that includes this unriffed. 

On the OST album by studio band New Life (a Mike Curb production) there is a song titled "Psychedelic Rape" in addition to instrumental and vocal versions of the love theme, "Only Love." The same record label also featured a band called "Crow." Coincidence? 

Joel & the Bots explain the arcane sport of sidehacking:

They later crew parody the love theme in this host segment:

The lovely Diane McBain…

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