Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SF Sketchfest 2011, Pt.3

My last weekend of shows, though the fest doesn't actually end till this Saturday. This was a really strong bunch, featuring multiple appearances from some of my favorites, the ones I bought tickets to first. As I said before, I will eventually move all my recaps/reviews over here once more photos come out, but for now you can read them over on the A Special Thing Forums.

The links below are to the current SFSF schedule pages, but I imagine over the next year they will update their site, moving these pages to the archive section. I will try to keep up with any changes.

11. Running Your Trap with Jimmy Pardo (game show)
Fri, Jan 28, 8 PM at the Eureka Theatre

12. The Benson Interruption with Doug Benson and guests
Fri, Jan 28, 10:30 PM at the Eureka Theatre

13. Never Not Funny Podcast with Jimmy Pardo , Matt Belknap and Pat Francis  
Sat, Jan 29, 2 PM at the Eureka Theatre

14. Music Night with Chris HardwickDavid Koechner, Garfunkel & Oates, and more! 
Sat, Jan 29, 8 PM at Cobb's Comedy Club

15. Sklarbro Country Podcast with the Sklar Brothers
Sun, Jan 30, 2 PM at Cobb's Comedy Club

16. The Benson Interruption with Doug Benson and guests
Sun, Jan 30, 4:20 PM at the Eureka Theatre

On my way through North Beach to get a bite at Burger Meister before the next show, I caught this eerie site…

St. Peter & Paul Church - Washington Square Park

17. The Meltdown (standup showcase)
Sun, Jan 30, 8 PM at Cobb's Comedy Club

18. The SF Sketchfest Comedy Writing Award: 
James L. Brooks in conversation with Danny DeVito
Featuring a screening of Broadcast News
Tues, Feb 1, 7 PM at the Castro Theatre

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