Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Down The Hatch

I found Herc's Best TV of 2010 @ AICN list worth a read. Bunch of shows I watched, even more that I don't but probably should.

To my previous post re. watching at home I should add that I watched the first 5 seasons of LOST on my laptop, via HULUIn one week (I had some time off from work)… 

I had never watched the show before (not entirely true: caught the pilot but it didn't take) but decided to try out the Season 6 opener, based on an enthusiastic series of articles at CHUD that analyzed each episode (Back To The Island). Found that I liked what I saw, especially in one of those "Previously On LOST" clip shows they used to start the season. Convinced there was some cool stuff happening besides corny soap-opera antics, I tuned in for a couple of weeks. Eventually got restless realizing there were way too many callbacks to past events, so I decided to catch up on the series ASAP. Luckily, HULU had the entire run available for free and off I went. 

Quickly found the show so addictive I literally stayed up all night just to finish a season. Would then sleep a few hours, wake up and start the next. I managed to catch up in time to narrowly miss the next Tuesday night episode (I DVR'd it). Oddly enough I was far enough into the Season 6 (between eps. 8 & 9) that HULU didn't have the first few online any longer so I had to torrent them to re-see them. So having finally caught up I resumed the series with weekly airings, like the rest of the world. Was finally able to understand what people on message boards were talking about and why the "polar bear" became the symbol of the shows' inscrutability.

The funny part of it is that after maniacally catching up to the current Season 6, it turned out to be the weakest. And the series' finale was a major disappointment, leaving a bad taste in my mouth, mildly spoiling in my memory all the great story-telling that led up to it. Maybe one day I'll revisit the whole thing, not anytime soon. Right now it's like a glorious fever dream…

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