Monday, January 3, 2011

Night Mov(i)es

In a move away from past years, I saw more movies in theaters during 2010 than I watched at home. This was a result of both being seduced by enthusiastic reviews of current films and the increase of 3-D screenings that required an in-theater experience. But mostly it was due to me getting used to the public transit surrounding my neighborhood and getting over the social stigma of going see movies alone. Actually, it's easier to go solo, as less planning and potentially awkward personal interactions are involved. Cheaper too, if you're going dateless. But first, what I saw at home:


  • (500) Days of Summer 02/09/10 (I heart Zooey, and JGL.)
  • Anvil: The Story of Anvil 04/15/10 (Inspirational. Their early catalog is some dumb, fun metal. Drummer Rob is a genius.)
  • Brick 09/24/10 (Excessively mannered, but fun, pseudo-noir.)
  • The Brothers Bloom 10/26/10 (disappointing)
  • Chasing Amy 07/09/10 (Loved it. Commentary w/ Affleck was extra fun.)
  • Children of Men 09/28/10 (Bold, brilliant story-telling)
  • An Evening with Kevin Smith Disc 1 07/13/10, Disc 2 07/13/10 (Very funny and engaging talks by the fat man.) 
  • Funny People: Bonus Material 01/27/10 (Oh, what this movie could have been with some fat trimmed.)
  • The Hangover 08/03/10 (Dumb fun.)
  • The House of the Devil 06/10/10 (Good mash-up of Argento/haunted house tropes. Ending was cheese but the build-up is exquisite.)
  • In the Loop 01/20/10 (Hilarious film that got me to explore its predecessor, the BBC series "The Thick Of It.")
  • Irreversible 04/17/10 (Noe's a twisted genius. Great warm-up for this year's Enter The Void.)
  • Miller's Crossing  01/14/10 ( A Coen Bros. classic.)
  • Night Moves 12/15/10 (Director Arthur Penn died in 2010, heard this was great. It is. But Gene Hackman is good in anything.)
  • Ratatouille  (Currently in my BluRay player - Loved it. Still digging through the extras.)
  • The Rocketeer 07/09/10 (disappointing)
  • Superbad: Bonus Material 01/21/10 (Good stuff. Great film.)
  • Thirst 02/11/10 (Wonderfully strange vampire love story based on an obscure literary source - not Twilight.)
  • Who Is Harry Nilsson? 11/08/10 (Knew a fraction of his story, and this doc filled me in on the rest. Great music, but depressing tale with redemption at the end.)
  • World's Greatest Dad 01/16/10 (Robin Williams ain't dead yet, even if his son is…)


  • Arrested Development (all 3 seasons)
  • Don't You Forget About Me (Potentially great doc about John Hughes' legacy, defeated by the *SPOILER* sad fact that they never get tho interview the man himself.)
  • Humpday (Hilarious mumble-core, hit closer to home than I expected.)
  • Footloose ( to sync with Rifftrax Presents) 
  • Jaws 3 (to sync with Rifftrax Presents)

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