Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stupid Kid Han Solo

Mr Plinkett's review of SW3: Revenge of the Sith plopped yesterday. Between his series and the Rifftrax commentaries on the trilogy, I've seen the Prequels mocked & deconstructed more times than I've seen them "straight." Truly the series fanboys love-to-hate, and Plinkett takes the time to show why these films fail as films, beyond all the childhood-raping business Lucas is accused of. My theory is that George mostly identified with Palpatine/The Emperor, and made the films to show his rise to power, and took an unconscious glee in killing off the heroic Jedi that have haunted his career since inventing them. I posted more thoughts over on the CHUD message boards here

• So I basically spent my New Year's Eve enjoying the above and the latest video podcast from Jimmy Pardo's Never Not Funny, episode 806 with guest Allan Havey.
Marx Bros. marathon on TCM put me to sleep after 5 minutes, but I DVR'd Duck Soup to watch later. My Motorola is already full so I couldn't record more of them.
• Today, IFC is premiering marathons of their new acquisitions Mr.Show and The Larry Sanders Show. But they'll be repeating them for months, so I'm not too concerned about missing them now. Looking forward to the Comedy Death Ray wraparound/featurettes starting on the 3rd. (ETA: I watched a few Sanders shows and they are still very funny, but not made for Hi-Def. As the show was likely shot on video, I wonder if an upgrade will ever happen.)
• Yesterday I saw Somewhere, which I enjoyed, but being unsure about the ending I'm going to wait to post my thoughts.
• Also just saw that A.V. Club posted it's Best podcasts of 2010, about half of which I already subscribe to. More on my favorites later… 

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