Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Just finished the Ratatouille (2007) Blu-Ray. I watched the movie first, then again in "Cine-Explore" mode on Autoplay to see the bonus features integrated alongside the director/producer commentary, making the second time more like a 2.5 hour viewing experience. Delightful film, at the moment my favorite of the Pixar flicks. Funny, moving, and beautifully designed, it felt consistent, and rooted in the real world (despite it's basic premise). I was going to say that it was superior to Wall-E & Up because those films both suffer from a "narrative fallacy" but upon Googling that term, I find it means something else altogether. 

What I mean is a "narrative failing" in that both those films start with strong premises and end weak. But I readily admit I need to revisit them both to support this criticism, and am actually looking forward to being proved wrong, as the bonus features here demonstrate that while Pixar excel at visual spectacle, they also care deeply about the stories being told. They are also known for providing us detailed looks at their own creative process, via books detailing the design process and generous glimpses behind-the-scenes on their home video releases. Now that I am renting Blu-Ray's from Netflix, this should be fun, providing the disks aren't the bare-bones rental editions they are fond of sending out. 

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